bank connection to

the tokenized economy

Easily deploy your own blockchain, create more efficient financial products in an integrated platform.
All without a dedicated blockchain team.

A single platform for all things

Our low-code platform provides all the necessary services and APIs manage it inside your legacy system.

Be ready to attract new customers with the tokenized economy as soon as it's launched!

Save time and money
Save up to 80%
Save up to 80% of the cost and trouble of an onboarding in-house blockchain and smart contracts teams.
Optimize your time.

Our low-code solution allows you to launch products integrated with Real Digital without hiring and training a blockchain team.

At least 10x faster
Save months in development with our low-code platform any developer can use

Deploy your blockchain and start building your own smart contracts in minutes, not weeks. Setup your products quickly and focus on iteration, customization and user experience.

Build with your own web2 devs
Avoid the troubles of hiring, onboarding and training new developers

Build enterprise-grade banking web3 products with your own web2 developers through with our low-code platform and APIs

Increase your profits
Increase in your revenue and streamline cost-intensive tasks

We help you create new ways to make money, like turning assets into digital tokens. Plus, with blockchain's automated tools, banks can work faster and cut down on manual tasks, saving both time and money.

Simplify your development process.

We translate the complexity of developing blockchains and smart contracts into well-documented APIs any programmer can use.
Add value from day one in just 3 steps.

1. Deploy a blockchain fit for your goals

Your own blockchain in minutes

Answer a couple questions and deploy a blockchain fit for your business needs in just a few clicks. Ensuring its interoperability, we manage everything for you.

2. Manage your blockchain with ease

Intuitive platform to manage your networks and products

Easily monitor your networks, tokens, and custom solutions you create with a user-friendly dashboard and software powered by Hyperledger Firefly.

3. Start developing your own smart contracts

Plug-and-play Smart Contract Enterprise APIs

Develop custom smart contracts without needing blockchain programmers. From a blockchain payment gateway to tokenization, we got you covered.

  • Manage tokenized deposits and eMoney
  • Mint and Tokenize Real World Assets
  • Program Automatic Payment Rules
  • Automate Loan Processes
  • Simplify Cross-Border Operations
  • Manage Multi-Asset Transactions
  • Digitize Processes

Powerful and customizable smart contracts to increase your revenue and efficiency

Easily create your own smart contracts with our easy-to-use APIs. From Payment-versus-Delivery transactions to increased data security, we have just the right API for you.

Programmable Money

Automate and manage loan processes, set up atomic payment rules, and simplify and reduce the cost of cross-border businesses.

Decentralized Identity

Digitize processes to improve KYC, KYT, and AML compliance with precision with nterprise-level decentralized ID for banking.


Access new markets and facilitate external funds integration into bank blockchains, linking Bitcoin, Ethereum, and private networks.


Create digital representations of real-world assets with top-tier security and scalable tech to transfer, trade, and manage them efficiently.

The Right Plan For Every Step of Your Journey

Our Self-Service plans offer everything you need to create powerful blockchain and smart contract solutions in just minutes. Choose the plan that best meets your needs and expand service and support levels as you grow.

  • No Setup fee
  • Blockchain-as-a-Service
  • Small nodes
  • Limited features and tools
  • Basic smart contract APIs
  • Limited transactions/day
  • Week days support
  • No Setup fee
  • Blockchain-as-a-Service
  • Larger nodes
  • All features and tools
  • Access to all smart contract APIs
  • Large scale transaction volume
  • 24/7 Premium support

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